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We Currently Deliver to: HA4, HA5, HA6, HA7, WD3, WD17, WD19, WD23, W5, HA0, HA9, HA8, HA1, HA2, HA3

About Us

The broad variety enables customers to buy their whole requirement under one roof.


The business was started in 1976 when a friend approached the owner, A. Chowdry, to get him some produce from the local wholesale market in London.

Initially, Chowdry simply picked up the required goods and dropped them off at the friend’s shop for a modest fee. However it wasn’t long before he saw he could supply goods at considerably lower prices than the friend had been paying to his usual suppliers. Chowdry realised there were good opportunities in this business. He was more than ready to work 7 days a week and his enthusiasm and aptitude for this type of work began to pay rewards. He managed to get 3 – 4 more local shops as his customers and guaranteed them better service levels and lower prices than they’d been used to. Within 6 months, Chowdry took on extra staff to cope with his increasing business. There was to be no looking back…


So what started off purely as a favour for a friend has developed in to a flourishing business employing over 30 people. The company consists of a warehouse for wholesale buying at the Western International Market in Southall and a retail outlet in Wembley.

Despite the huge competition, the business has flourished by constantly changing with the times and catering to different demands. This has meant keeping a much larger variety of produce than most of its competitors and obtaining keener prices from its own suppliers.

What Makes Us Unique

Utilising our 40 years of experience in the fruit and vegetable industry, we are able to ensure that we procure the highest quality products, in the best condition and at the best prices, in order to deliver outstanding value to our customers and to meet all their requirements.

Our brand has grown to a very strong position in the market today of being premium quality. This brand loyalty has resulted in our customers working with us more as partners that simply buyers of our products. Our products have been sold to standholders in Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow Markets, who have regional exclusivity, which has enabled us to build a strong national identity.

We operate an in house freight forwarding department, which allows us to know exactly when and where our produce will be available.

With storage facilities less that 10 minutes from Heathrow Airport, we are able to bring our direct imports into our own control as soon as possible, which helps to ensure the quality of all imports for our customers.

Customs Bonded warehouse allows immediate collection from the airport and DEFRA approval on site means reduced delays due to checks